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Plant Protection SCHEDULE-2018

Plant Protection Schedule (2018) for the management of Pests & Diseases of Apple, Walnut and Almond

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Raising Horticulture crops involves heavy investment and long drawn plan. We have adopt Calender of Operation



News & Events

Re-Tender Notice for Establishment of Walnut Nursery at Zawoora Srinagar

Merit list of candidates who have applied for Chowkidar,Gardener an Class-IV in District Kupwara:-


Merit list of candidates who have applied for Class-IV (Gardener/ Orderly/ Canning Attendant ) posts in pursuance to Adv. Notification No. CHO/SGR/ESTT/Class-IV/01 of 2018 dated: 10/05/2018 District Srinagar


Tender Notice for Supply /Import of Clonal Root Stock

Tender Notice for Establishment of hi-Tech Green Houses at Zawoora Srinagar

Tender Notice for Supply of Canning Machinery/equipments

Tender Notice for Establishment of Walnut Nursery at Zawoora Srinagar





Beside Technical Support, Awareness and Human Resource Development departmental also do following Activities

seniority List

Area and Production 2016-2017

MIDH Progress 2017-18

MIDH Progress 2016-17

MIDH Progress 2015-16




Promotion Order

Clearance of Promotion cases of Ministeral & Executive Staff

Purchase Officer Section Officer Head Assistant -I
Head Assistant-II Sr. Assistant Jr. Assistant
Mechanic Mechanic-Smith Mechanic Welder - Assistant Mechanic
ChauffeR ChauffeR-II Canning Instructor
Sr. Horti Tech HTG-I & Equivalents ------(1)
HTG-I & Equivalents ------(2)
HTG-I ....(3) HTG-II ------(4)  

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The Jammu and Kashmir Fruit Nurseries(L I C E N S I N G) Act, 1987 (Act No. 22 of 1987

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Snow damage & Field Activities

Advisory for the Orchardists of Kashmir

Advisory for the Orchardists of Kashmir 





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Services Overview

Chief Canning Instructor is Administrative and technical control of the respective Vegetable Craft Training Centres, technical control of Fruit Preservation and utilization Extension Centres in the Division. Monitoring in evaluation of all the Fruit Preservation Centres. Planning of training programmes on short and long term basis.

Soil And Leaf Analysis Laboratory Kashmir
The Soil Testing Laboratory was established by the State Department of Horticulture in March, 1995, at Horticulture Complex, Rajbagh, Srinagar, with the aim of providing guidance to the orchardist community on scientific lines, with regard to the basic input of all horticultural activity. i.e.........

Main Activaties in the Farm is multiplication and evaluation of new and improved kinds and varieties of fruits through multi locational adoptive trials. Mass propagation of such kinds and varieties of plants which have been identified as suitable and supply these to the private and Government Nurseries for further multiplication and to the fruit growers


Nurseries Development
Department is too provide technical guidance to private nursery growers, provide certified bud wood to private and Government nurseries and to ensure production of quality planting material. Implement Nursery Registration Act and any other function assigned from time to time.



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